“How can I put into words how excited I am by my accounting firm? Believe me, that is not something I ever thought I would write – I am not big into (or good at) the paperwork side of things, it just doesn’t thrill me. But that is where Keats Accounting steps in.

The friendly nags (which I 100% need), the honest responses to questions and the ‘think out of the box’ way of looking things is just sensational.

I am really conservative in regards to accounts, and need to know that everything is completely and utterly above board, no bending of rules permissible, and I KNOW with complete confidence that all my accounts are accurate and legal. But even better than that, I know that I am able to ensure that my money is working the best way possible for me, within those tight frameworks, and all because of my amazing accountant.

So, from someone who sees accounts, bookkeeping and anything to do with paperwork completely terrifying I thank you a million times over for you and your team’s thorough, honest and prompt work. You have saved me many a panic attack, and for this I am very, very grateful.