One change happening at Keats Accounting is the introduction of this Blog. Blogging is something that has been on my agenda for a while.
I love reading all kinds of blogs, from health and fitness blogs to finance blogs to mummy and organisational blogs. Through our blog we will share lots of tips, helpful tools and the latest information about things that inspire us. So with that I welcome you to our first entry.

Apart from the Blog, another change at Keats Accounting recently has been the Silver Partnership we have with Xero.
Our Xero journey started about 18 months ago when one of our clients decided to jump onto the cloud bandwagon and they wanted our help to do it. Moving away from the two major accounting packages was a huge change for me because for the past 10 years I had learnt and worked within these packages, and although they had their issues, that’s what I knew. That is what was familiar to me. But I did some research and training with Xero and something happened. I became inspired and excited about an accounting package. They are words I never thought that I would say.
Here’s some of the reasons I am excited about Xero:

Daily bank feeds – Xero talks to your bank daily. This means all of your bank transactions will be sitting in Xero ready to be reconciled. This saves so much data entry time so that you can spend your time in the business.

Real data in real time – Xero is readily available anytime and anywhere you have internet connection. You may need to check an invoice or a quote that you sent a client. With Xero you don’t have to wait until you get back into the office, you can do it on your phone when you need to.

Multiple Users can use it at the same time – Now this feature I do LOVE. Clients are always ringing with help of how to do something or where to allocate an expense. Well with Xero I can log into Xero whilst the client is logged in and work through it together. We may be 30kms away from each other but we are looking at the exact same screen in Xero.

The support from Xero themselves is fantastic.

There are many more features of Xero that I love but I just wanted to emphasise that last one. Xero offers fabulous support and really listen to what accountants, bookkeepers and business owners want. They are constantly working on their software to make it better for us. The upcoming Xero changes are something to get excited about. Check it out!
Xero changes within the next 90 days:

Inventory – YAY! This is what some of our beautiful Xero clients have been waiting for. This means that Xero will have the ability to track stock on hand.

Improvements to online quoting – Changes will include the ability to copy the quote to a purchase order or bill. You will also be able to send the quote to a customer via email with an accept/decline option.

Global Searching – A option to simply type in a client or a certain key word into the search section and it will find all transactions in Xero that match what you have searched.

Business KPIs including Accounts Payable and Receivable days, Inventory turnover and Gross Profit – all of which can be added to the dashboard.

A Find and Recode feature to enable fast correction of errors.

Changes are happening all around us. Here at Keats Accounting we have embraced all these changes with open arms. If you would like to change to Xero, or discuss any of the changes Xero are implementing, please feel free to contact us on (03) 9786 7667.